5 Essential Tips for Building Web Sites That Lead to Customers

Anyone who has built a website knows that creating a commercial website takes much skill and patience. With a lot of work and time invested in your site, you still might not get many results. Your business website should attract prospects and convert them into customers. If it does not achieve that goal, you might have done something wrong. Whether you need to refine an existing site or create a new site, these five essential tips for building websites that lead to customers can help you get a good start.

Include Your Phone Number

When you work on your website design, you might want to keep all your interactions online, because you don’t wish to deal with phone calls. People still use phones and they often prefer placing a phone call over sending an email or completing an online contact form. Phone calls often convert prospects into customers, so make sure you include your phone number on your website where people can find it.

Place Forms on Your Pages

While some people want to contact you by telephone, many do not. Enable visitors to your site to quickly and easily find a way to communicate with you by placing an online form on every page. When integrating forms into your website design, keep them simple enough, so people won’t mind the time or effort required to fill them in.

Make it Interesting

A well-designed website will have elements that grab the attention of visitors and don’t let go. Use graphics, videos, and other interactive pieces to make every page come alive, compelling your visitors to stay for a while and learn about your products and services. If you don’t have time to create your media content, you can choose from a variety of marketing automation services that will deliver content directly to your website. If you don’t have the budget to pay for marketing automation, you can choose from a variety of free or ad-based content options.

Use Testimonials

Gain credibility for your website and your brand by featuring testimonials from your customers. When you share the experiences real people have had with your company, visitors will quickly warm up to your message.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Most Internet users begin their search with the search engines for the goods and services they want to buy. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, aligns your site with the searches made by prospective customers on Google, Bing, and other search sites. When your page displays high on the search engine results pages for relevant search words and phrases, prospects will naturally find their way to your site. You might not know much about SEO, so you should consider using a professional SEO provider to get the job done right.

Get started with your website today. After applying these five tips for building websites that lead to customers, you might come up with new ideas of your own that will make your website so compelling that visitors will love buying from you.